Orphelins de Duplessis/Duplessis Orphans

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From: Lisette Bissonnette-Renaud (renaud@istar.ca)
Date: Sat Jun 26 01:02:37 1999

Duplessis Orphans

I am birthmother from Montreal Quebec. I gave birth in the 60s at l'hopital de la Misericorde in Montreal. I support the Duplessis Orphans 100% and thank you for this beautiful website and for giving them a voice. The truth must be known!

From: Corine Guerin (Sassylady_001@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Jun 29 18:37:20 1999

Recent URL was forwarded to me

I am not in the slightest surprised. The cruel and unusual behaviour is seen in many not just orphans. I am north American Indian and nothing about either the French or English could possibly surprise me. The atrosities were and are felt by anyone that was referred to as a savage or expense. It is too bad that it has taken people this long to figure it out.
Corine Guerin

From: Donna Roth (rothd@co.washtenaw.mi.us)
Date: Mon Jul 12 18:41:03 1999

Duplessis Babies

As a reuntied adult adoptee and reunited birthmother, I am no longer shocked by the economic realities of relinquishment, abandonment and adoption. As a matter of public information and public trust, the Duplessis' Orphans stories must be told and remembered. Far too many of us were shamed into relinquishment. Far too many of us were used as a commodity to line other's pockets.

Although not on the same scale of daily misery as the imprisoned orphans,the rights of adopted individuals continue to be denied. The secrecy of all records and information prolongs the pain and heightens the magnitude of the unnecessary shame.

How civilized are we if we treat our dearest treasure, our children, like this?

From: Alicia Duplessis (aduple3@lsu.edu)
Date: Wed Jul 14 23:29:40 1999

finding my roots

I was attracted to this sight under a Duplessis search. I am here because I am interested in finding out more about my family's history. Please contact me by email ASAP to let me know if you can be of any assistance. Thanks for your time.

From: Roch Desrosiers (innovaglobe@qc.aira.com)
Date: Wed Aug 4 11:34:44 1999


Félicitations pour votre site et votre support aux Orphelins de Duplessis.

Mes deux frères ont marié deux soeurs qui ont été orphelines durant cette période. Ces deux soeurs ont été placées dans des communautés religieuses en Gaspésie. Elles ont reçu une bonne éducation par ces religieuses malgré la sévérité qui pouvait exister à cette époque. Cette sévérité existait partout de toute façon. Le but ici n'est pas d'excuser tout cela.

Ce que je veux signifier ici est qu'un de leurs frères est passé dans une autre institution, reliée celle-là aux asiles psychiâtriques et c'est là qu'il faut regarder. LA RESPONSABILITÉ ENTIÈRE REVIENT À LA PSYCHIÂTRIE QUI SE CACHE DERRIÈRE LE GOUVERNEMENT, LA MÉDECINE ET LES COMMUNAUTÉS RELIGIEUSES. La psychiâtrie a abusé et abuse encore aujopurd'hui des honnêtes gens. Elle s'est infiltrée dans tous les domaines de la société et en a détérioré les principes fondamentaux de leur existence. En éducation, on drogue nos enfants avec le Rital

From: Guy Mercier (gmerc@total.net)
Date: Thu Aug 5 13:50:44 1999

Orphelins de Duplessis

Après m'être bien informé sur ce dossier, il me semble que la meilleure manière de règler cette question pénible est de constituer une commission de vérité à l'image de celle d'Afrique du Sud. Que la vérité sorte une fois pour toutes! Le Gouvernement du Québec n'a rien à gagner à se faire le complice de ceux qui ont commis des atrocités dans le passé en essayant d'étouffer l'affaire ou de protéger certains intérêts.

From: William Bougie (quebectech@canada.com)
Date: Thu Aug 19 12:56:10 1999

If You Need Help

Bouchard Does Suck.
If There Is Anyway I Can Assist You With Your web Site, Let Me Know. I Already Linked Back To You.
Montreal's Secret Hiding Place

From: Ted Rego (tedrego@generation.net)
Date: Thu Aug 19 15:26:16 1999

The Orphans

Hello Doona:

Yours is a magnificent effort that deserves all honour and credit. Those who were responsible for the sad plight of the orphans and those who are at present in their shoes are blind and deaf. Mere recognition by Bouchard and a simple apology does nothing to the well-being of the orphans. They have suffered a lot and yet shown the courage to continue with living inspite of the wretched Bouchard, his separatis party and the gang who have donned the blinkers in the direction of their treacherous goal of separation.

Bouchard will soon realize his folly when the separatists are kicked hard in the next referendum.

Bravo Donna! God Bless You!!

From: Michael Crouse (MichaelCrouse@msn.com)
Date: Wed Sep 1 04:22:03 1999

I'm an adoptee from Quebec in the early 1950's

I have no idea if I am a Duplessis' orphan. I am interested in finding my birth parents. If you have information regarding such resources, please forward.

Thank you

From: Carole Fordham (Cfordm@aol.com)
Date: Fri Sep 10 21:34:42 1999

My mother was raped

yes My mother was raped, in 1940 she had to give up her child, we found the child 53 years old, an orphelin de Duplessis, we love him and we admire him , he did not have the chance to learn to read or write, but he was a good father and worked to raise 4 children I admire him, I am in France I do the best I can to help Les Prhhelins de Dulessis . I am proud to have received an answer from the Vatican by the bishops of France

From: A. Reinsborough (chirqfls@ntl.sympatico.ca)
Date: Thu Sep 16 08:58:37 1999

The Horrific Circumstances

I just wanted to give you my sympathy and I hope the orphans are able to heal finally. Money can never give them back their childhood and to many they will never recover.

What an awful way to grow up! As an activist myself I know what the government must have done NOT to help you get this out to the public.

I saw Mr. Vienneau on CTV Canada AM and I hope that he is going to continue until he brings the arrogant bunch to the knees in humility. These people DESERVE a great big humble meek and sincere apology without a doubt!

A. Reinsborough

From: Joelle (tjswin@sympatico.ca)
Date: Thu Sep 16 09:11:01 1999

Duplessis Orphans

When I heard what had been done to these orphans it broke my heart, and as a Catholic is makes me wonder what has this world has come to. I teach my children about the Catholic faith and tell them to trust in god and to talk to a priest if you feel that it would help, and by watching all of this it turns my stomach, and also tells me that these people that calls themselfs NUNES and PRIESTS should be ashamed of them selfs. We were always taught to love and take care of our fellow people not to hurt them in anyway!!!!!!!
And as a Catholic it makes me wonder now should we trust our faith because if they could not apoligize for what they have done then they are a discrace to our socitiy.
They have damaged these orphans lives because of this and they should be punished for what they have done to these babys.
I hope the Duplessis Orphans fight all the way and win!!
My prayers are with you everyday!

From: Someone who believes. (:-)@;-).com)
Date: Thu Sep 16 09:15:48 1999

Duplessis Orphans

First of all I would like to say that "Bouchardsucks.com" is the BEST domain name that this site could be going by. MY hat goes off to the finder! And second, I believe that you will get what you are asking for as when it comes to politicians their worst nightmare is the press, so if you keep this in the public's eye consistently, politicians will want it out of there and do what is required to achieve that!

3000 people can't all be wrong!

Keep up the good work......

From: R.Champagne
Date: Thu Sep 16 09:25:41 1999


What can we say about Bouchard and his gang of Separatists, they are hell bent on destroying this beautifull country at OUR expense, they could care less as long as they are highly paid and guarateed pensions som they can go to Florida in the winter

From: Richard Bailey (canlbbm@aol.com)
Date: Thu Sep 16 09:27:08 1999

Duplessis Orphans - My cousin

As a natural born Quebecer (of English Protestant parentage and proud of it) I am not surprised at the stance taken by Bouchard and his henchmen against the Duplessis Orphans. Neither am I suprised at the reaction of the Catholic Church. My cousin was given to adoption to the church by his mother for no good reason other than the fact that she HATED him because he was a disruption to her life. He suffered at the hands of susposedly caring Nuns and Priests of the Catholic Church and carries emotional scars with him to this day. Something should be done to compensate him and the many others who suffered the same treatment. As I said earlier, I am not suprised at Bouchard's position, after all what can you expect from a dispicable individual who has embarked on a program of ethnic cleansing in our beautiful province of Quebec and our country CANADA. He and those like him must be stopped.

From: Deb
Date: Thu Sep 16 10:27:04 1999


Have any of the orphans considered that maybe they should be thankful that someone would take them in when their families obviously weren't interested in caring for them? If they Catholic church or the government hadn't offered them a home then where would they have been. Sometimes life isn't perfect but you can't change the past by suing the future.

From: Cameron Thickett (drcrickett@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Sep 16 11:34:37 1999

Duplessis's Orphans.

Saw an interview on CTV this morning. I wish you luck in your battle.

From: Debbie Smrekar (smrekar@compuserve.com)
Date: Thu Sep 16 12:13:22 1999

shocked, shocked, shocked!!!!!

I live in Ontario on Lake Erie and was watching CBS this morning when I heard about the terror these people went through. I just want to say I stand behind these orphans and feel their pain. I wish I could do more but can only give some simple words, that people hear their cries now and will stand behind them and validate every sacred emotion they feel. Good luck

From: philip lecompte (busstop@netcom.ca)
Date: Thu Sep 16 18:36:28 1999



From: Ken Martel
Date: Thu Sep 16 23:24:45 1999


He was surely Canada's first real dictator History has shown us how brutal his regime really was . To apply such atrosities to children is unthinkable , if there is such a thing as purgatory I hope he is there for all eternity.

From: gabriel simard (gabsima@nbnet.nb.ca)
Date: Fri Sep 17 15:32:54 1999

duplessi orphans

I would like to sent a note ,to the person who ,wrote a piece about the duplessi orphans, And that person ,Name of Debbie? had the gall to mention that these orphans should be tankfull that someone was there to take care of them ,i am amazed to see such an arogant ,maybe over fed,overpaid,and underworked piece of humanity, I was an orphan my self was at the Chicoutimi Orphanage ,was also mistreated by the nuns,then was transferred to Lac Sargent Quebec .and there was mistreated by the Brothers,so i know what these peoples went through ,all the suffering,this Person mentioned that we should of been happy to have had some one to take care of us ,well let me tell you again ,that the way we were treated by these peoples ,it would of been better to have lets us died,.And this person Does,nt even have the guts to put her full email and proper ident, so for you all the do goody type out there ,you know the one that were over fed ,over sucked, and arogantbunch of brat ,

From: Gabriel Simard (gabsima@nbnet.nb.ca)
Date: Fri Sep 17 18:20:12 1999

continuing duplessi

did not finish ,to unload my anger at this person who said that we should be thanfull her name Deb,what i wanted to finish was to tell all the religious hypocrites and fanatic out there ,and to also let you know ,that i sent a note to these so call Saint ,The Cardinals ,that they can all they want ,to put their head in the sand and to try to make belaeive that no such things has happened, like i said to the Cardinals.If there is such a place as Hell ,well they sure want to get ready ,bbecause there sure will be some of the ones going there ,Gabriel Simard

From: Carole Fordham (Cfordm@aol.com)
Date: Tue Sep 21 18:19:19 1999

Deb??????? no gutts!! no name

I have a brother Dear Deb???? he is 57 he does not know how to read or write. Thanks to those wondeful orphanages that you seem to appreciate. My brother lost 18 months of is childhood out of these wonderful orphanages, to be put in psychiatric cares, for no reason. He raised 4 beautiful kids, one he adopted!! he worked his heart out to raise those kids. He was a garbedgeman, he cleaned the streets of the snow, he painted houses. But you know what? DEAR DEB????
he is learning to read and write at 57. He has guts, which you don't have.

From: Gabriel Simard (gabsima@nbnet.nb.ca)
Date: Tue Sep 21 18:44:45 1999


I am with you Caroll, But i must tell you ,that there is,nt much sende to condem
that person by the name of "DEB", because to try to make a brainless idiot like her ,is almost impossibleThese are the type of peoples ,that never did anything for themself, the arogant were just given anything they wanted, and when they did not get it ,then they bitch like hell. and i would like to tell DEB to show some courage and put your name down, so some of us can have the opportunity to curse and condem you ,But then maybe your not worth it Gabriel Simard

From: C. Cassavante (143k@netscape.net)
Date: Thu Sep 23 22:32:26 1999

Duplessis Orphan's Daughter

Congratulations to the founder, maintainer, and contributers, to this sight. Keep being DIFFICULT, STUBBORN, and PERSISTENT and when others say so thank them for the compliment! It just means your not seeing things their way and you won't be bought or sold for what is fundamentally,ethically, and morally right.
My mother was a Duplesis era orphan thank God she was an infant and her stay was brief. Besides the abuse issue which is absolutely appalling there is still what appears to be inaccurate/falsified/sealed records where Catholic agencies are concerned no doubt all part of the cover up! They will probably procrastinate until they are reasonably sure they are all gone. A 51 year old mystery! I will never quit searching! Too do so would be to let them win! Good luck to all whatever your connection to the Duplessis Era Orphan's

-C. Cassavante-

From: Jean Godbout (jgodbout@colba.net)
Date: Sat Sep 25 00:24:09 1999

la collusion du corps médical et du gouvernement

Il y a cinquante ans, le corps médical (les psychiatres) le Collège des médecins et les gouvernements et le clergé ont causés des fautes irréparables et impardonnables, et personne n'ose s'excuser même si les faits troublants sont reconnus, eh bien c'est parce que le même "scénario honteux" se produit encore en 1999 ! La preuve : http://www.colba.net/~jgodbout

From: MD
Date: Mon Sep 27 01:26:19 1999


Vous avez du front en tabarnack d'associer Maurice Duplessis aux orphelins. Les orphelins ont été maltraités parce qu'ils étaient fous, et puis Duplessis n'avait rien a voir la dedans. Bouchardsucks.com??? Vous autres les anglais, allez vous apprendre a vous mêler de vos crisses d'affaires? En plus, en Ontario vous avez rien a foutre avec nous autres au Québec.
J'ai hâte au prochain référendum.
Vive le Québec!!!

From: MD
Date: Mon Sep 27 01:35:45 1999


Je viens de lire d'autre messages dans le guestbook, maudit! On dirait que vous prenez Maurice Duplessis pour un dictateur... en fait, Duplessis est probablement le meilleur homme politique en Amérique depuis Georges Washington. On dirait que les anglais, spécialement les juifs, sont vraiment laches... comment peut-on s'attaquer a un homme mort depuis quarante ans?

Pis toi, Donna, va faire un tour a Trois-Rivières, et tu verras à quel point Duplessis est vénéré là.

P.S. Je suis un déscendant direct de Maurice Duplessis.

From: Gabriel Simard (gabsima@nbnet.nb.ca)
Date: Mon Sep 27 19:11:11 1999

Neuno ou dodo

je ne savais pas qui.ls avait encore des DODO a quebec .moi meme je suis venu au monde a Chicoutimi, et je sais comment vont les affaires a Quebec
Mais si tu est un descendant direct de Maurice Duplexi, je ne m,en vendrerais
pas Et a par de cela pas toute les orphelins netait fou ,je suis devenu orphelin ,parce que ma Mere etait morte, et d,aprest ce que je peux voir ,je ne suis pas surpris de voir ta maniere de pense, Et si Quebec se separe, tu va peu etre seul
et bien bonne chance