September 27, 1999


Boycott is called off as a gesture of goodwill

The Duplessis Orphans Committee finds regrettable the position of the Catholic Church announced by the Quebec Assembly of Bishops in its press conference of September 15. The Duplessis Orphans are saddened to find that the Bishops are evidently lacking in information on their situation. Following statements made by Monsignors Turcotte, Morissette and Couture, the Duplessis Orphans wish to publicly hold out a friendly hand to the Bishops to open up a true dialogue. A letter requesting a speedy meeting was sent to the three Bishops by fax during the week-end. This meeting is to allow the presentation of historical evidence which would allow for a better understanding of this matter and would lead to a resolution of the current deadlock and would seek to establish a working solution.

As a goodwill gesture, the Committee is cancelling the call for a boycott of the collection plate previously announced for October 3rd. They take the opportunity to emphasize that they have never sought, in their search for justice, to cast a cloud or question the good work and historical devotion of Quebec's religious communities. They also wish to specify that their file is not centered on the question of sexual abuse; but rather its focus is their quest for justice and reparation for the years of illegal internment of normal children in psychiatric asylums. This internment having led them to receive treatments normally handed out to psychiatric patients, as well as having all instruction suspended.

Orphans Launch Boycott of Church Collection Plate
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